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Hyper baby(manga) March 1, 2010

Posted by rebirthofsword in Uncategorized.

so im at work right now was bored trolling managa fox to find something to read when i found hyper baby now iv only read the first chapter in it but i got to say this is so god odd from what i gather of the storyline so far is that this woman got married then her husband died on her a month later she tried to kill herself but the only reason she dint was because she found out that she is with child most of the first chapter takes place in the hospital where the main character is seeing this boy who no one else can see now where i come from you’re seeing a ghost or your crazy in this case prob both but what ever now the 1st chapter ends with the girl who is the main charater walking into her sister’s room with the baby floating in the air with this boy she keeps seeing like astral projection off this baby

now why im reviewing this i dont know i guess i felt the need to post something since its been days since i have but this looks like a shity manga so im just going to stop reading it.

from what i read i give it a 3 for keeping my attention for the chapter and having me review it just for shits and giggles