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Basilisk February 24, 2010

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so this anime is on my top 10 list and I feel like not many know of it so i felt the need to write a review on it. This anime is a mix of a what feels like different genres it has a love story and it has some heavy action based combat fighter along with many others.
To start let’s go right to the story line it’s about 2 ninja clans the Kouga and the Iga the two clans have been at war for generation. with in the first episode you have the 2 clans fighting each other in a battle to display their skills to the shogun and you know what im feeling nice to embed the video here for you

well after this fight the shogun seems like he want to shit his pants so he come up with a cleaver way to end the war between the two clans he has the leaders of the clans write on a 2 scrolls the names of the 10 most skilled ninjas they have. and you might be asking your self why would they do this sword well that’s simple the winner of this little challenge decides the fate of their clan the loser’s clan is killed off pretty much. but the real twist that shows up in Basilisk is the fact that the next in line for the Kouga Gennosuke

and the next in line for the Iga Oboro

are in love and that’s where the love story comes in each one needs to decide what they will do fight for their clan or maybe defect to the other side. sorry guys but that i will not spoil for you just watch it and enjoy


the length of this is 24 episodes which as u guys know is not bad i find it’s a good length for this one because it gives them the room to stick to the story and not get side take with so many filler episode

feeling on this anime

well i found this anime rather kick ass i dint mind the love story i think that made the ending to be better because of it the all around badassness of the show was great and the fact that they dint skip on the story nor the blood just makes it even better that why this is on my top 10. the grade im going to give this is a 10 if i went higher thats just not fair

just on a side note for anyone one that wanted to know they did make a live action to this anime its called Shinobi : Heart under blade id have to say its kinda shitty so don’t bother looking into it unless you really really want to i was mega disapointed with it