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.Hack//Root November 11, 2011

Posted by rebirthofsword in Anime.
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.hack//root is the third installment of the .hack anime series. this installment is much better then the 2nd one Legend of the Twilight this one has nothing to do with .hack//sign or Legend of the Twilight this one followes a story they is differant but still has a better twist to it.


in this installment the main charater is Haseo.

a new player to the game The World hmmm this seems kinda like iv seen this before oh ya i did what a surprise they started Legend of the Twilight and that other .hack type show that came with the orginal games. well anyway in the first episode our hero gets PK’ed which stands for being killed by a player killer for the people that dont know.  when Haseo is about to quite a man named Ovan the leader of The Twilight Brigade offers Haseo a place in his guild whos purpose in the game is to find the Key of the Twilight. i think i have seen this before too hmmmm. i dont really wants to give too much away but it follows a small group of people the main plot characters consist of Haseo, Ovan, and Shino.

Length/Feelings on this anime

for this anime its about as long as most short storys would be with 26 episodes. this one has a much darker story to it which i found held me in to start till the end i feel this one is much better than .hack//Legend of the Twilight and that it has held its own to .hack//sign with the story being much darker than i thought it would be i would give this one an 8 out of 10. for //root i did not expect has much from this one as i thought i might i think that Legend of the Twilight might have jaded me in my thought because i thought it would suck compared to //sign but all in all i think this is worth the watch.


PS to my readers

i am sorry about this post i started writing this back in may and i dont really remember what i might have been writing about or even ranting about at the time thanks for reading 😀