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Anime Boston May 2, 2010

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well since iv not posted in quite a bit i guess ill make my first come back post about anime boston which i will be using AB for short. this event as most people know is a national anime con this con takes place on the east coast new england area.

many things about AB made my stay every enjoyable. I greatly enjoyed many of the costumes from the cosplayers thought on a very sad note most of the very good cosplays that looked very hot where worn by girls that are underage but for some that ment nothing. well time to move to the next topic on as i said i had a great time up at AB but thought i had a great time there was much i am regretting for instance not being able to see the Video Game Orchestra lead by Nobuo Uematsu. sadly i missed this event due to wanting to see many other panels and the fact that the line was very long at id say 3 pm when the event for the VGO was at 5 or 6 pm. i am happy to say that i spent much of my time walking around seeing many good panels looking at all of the cool stuff there was in the dealer’s room as well as the art that was in the art area. another enjoy ment i had gotten out of going to AB was the food if anyone was going to go up to an AB make sure you don’t eat at the food court 3 times a day i made that mistake once before you pay close to 40$ on crap food go out take the T and find a place that looks good you will spend just as much on food that is 100 times better


the anime music video had lots of great entries that i was glad to see my favorite win which i think everyone should see so i will be nice and embed it right here for ya

this one was in the other section of the AMVs and I’m very happy it won

i have so much id like to post about AB but i think there is way too much to talk about and honestly i think i covered what i wanted too i got to see the cute lolicon’s great cosplay had a great time with all my friends and walked around for hours on end trying to see everything i could.


Detroit Metal City February 23, 2010

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so i was talking with a friend of mine a few weeks back some of you know him as oballer and he told me about Detroit Metal City and let me just say this is a must watch i would have to say this its a 10 and on the plus its only about 6 and a half episodes long they are 15 min long and 13 of them and let me tell you its funny im happy oballer told me about it. well before i start getting off track ill start with the story line

story line

this show follows Negishi they don’t really give his age but id have to guess he’s about 23 maybe his back story goes that he was a son of a country boy his family owns a farm i think it was but he goes to the city because to try to become a famous pop singer but for some reason he joins the band DMC a death metal band as the leader. most of the sings are about killing, rape and a lot of other things. during the show Negishi gets into many mishaps trying to live a life outside of being in DMC mostly when it comes in counter with the girl that he loves from his past. thought out the show DMC takes over negishi life more and more each day for example in one of the episodes negishi is in the park singing his pop songs and some kids who are fans on DMC are messing with him as a result he changes to his  DMC alter ego Krauser now in this park they at the Tokyo tower and krauser out of impulse starts humping Tokyo Tower as he’s humping the tower its lights come on and the fans start yelling something along the lines as “OH the tower is such a whore it likes it” the weather then changed and it started to rain and the fans then tell “OH man the tower came its such a whore”. now take this small part i told you about and and have this happen at lest 3 or 4 times an episode over about 6 and a half of them.

well this is normally where i do the length of the anime but iv said that a few times so ill just move on to how i feel about this anime and well i loved it i found it to be really funny just to see what kinda of stuff happened to Negishi now honestly id like to tell you more about it but i think that will kill some of the episode so i wont but i will say i give this a 10 and this did make it on to my top 10 list .