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AIR February 22, 2010

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ok so this is my first post on any blog and this is definitely my first anime review blog. for starters ill start with something many people have not seen instead of going with something that everyone has posted about like Bleach or Naruto. the title to the anime i am reviewing is call AIR the title that’s viewed on the DVD box i think was called AIR TV. and for the movie that went along with this they called that AIR: The Motion Picture to start us off with this review i will jump right into the characters of the show first you have Yukito one of the main characters i guess you can call  him a wondering swordsman with out the sword but instead he has… wait for it… A PUPPET! Yukito wonders into this small town and ends up meeting a girl named Misuzu

shes kind of odd but in the same way i think that makes her even cuter and make you fall in love with her.

this anime does have many sub main characters about five of them if i remember them all one of the best sub main characters that shows up in about every episode is potato and he or she is a dog but any time potato makes it on to the screen you will probably find your self laughing at what he does.

story line

the story to this is well somewhat odd you have Yukito the wondering puppet master (as i will call him) who’s soul purpose in life was to find the girl in the sky with wings that he has to save and the only way he even knows of her is because his most and her mother and many generation have been looking to save this girl.

now to move to misuzu as iv said she is odd but she is also very clumsy she walk maybe 15 steps in a few of the episodes and falls right on her face which is not realistic at times but she’s a really silly character which makes up for that at times but sometimes shes too silly maybe too silly like the writer went overboard. not much else to say about her honestly

both main characters take some time to get used to but if you stick with this show i think you will fall in love with it like i did. if i remember right because i watched this over winter break back in December but i think they had tossed in a few flash back to the girl in the skies past which was rather interesting


its was made for TV so its somewhat short its in all 13 episodes long it has 2 or 3 episodes that are kinda like a recap at the end following Misuzu’s life which you dont need to watch unless you wanted to and then they had made a movie to go with it which that too was not bad. this is an anime that can be picked up and finished in one day if you find your self likeing it

Feelings on this anime

my feelings on this anime is that its something i think people should give a try anf if you find your self still wating it then i did my job by telling you about it. now when it came to an ending i personal was a bit disapointed with it i dint think it took the direction it was going to take with Misuzu and how she was designed and how the story had progressed but some time it just happens because the writer went the way they had wanted too. now if you ask me to grade this on a scale of 1-10 i would have to say this would make a 7 this is because some of the characters as i said take more then just one episode to fall in love with i think but if you make it past the first two i think you will be surprised on how this will end