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A welcome back party of my own November 11, 2011

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well i know its been a long time since i posted and any readers that i may have had may not even see this but still i feel like posting for what ever reason. my life has been keeping me busy with working full time i am still going to school and i do have a girl friend/fiancé/wife i guess one can say so anime has not really been high on my to do list. i have been trying to keep up with different shows and books but its not working lol im currently reading Shaman King i have Vol 6 and 7 i think sitting in my car took them out from the library but have not cracked them yet. i have also been watching stuff on my netflix account even if it is dubed rather than subed. so far i have wanted some of Claymore all of whats on their for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brother hood also just started watching Bleach off of Animecrazy.net as for claymore its really good even if i am on ep 8 FMA:BH is up to 39 on netflix and i just finished bleach 279 at 4 am lol as for this post looks like im done gonna try to make a review for claymore shaman king and FMA in the mean time to keep me going.


manga March 4, 2010

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so i thought that id post on here letting everyone know i probably will not be posting for a bit. im working for a bit right now im on a bleach manga reading escapade iv pushed my way forward reading starting at vol 17 the last one i read and just made it past 21 so ended at like chapter 185ish here at school but only bringing the 3 with me 19-21 im out of books and will probably push forward on 22 tonight too now just to let you know this is the part where its the start of the visored/arrancar so this is where it get good and i am pumped to read the ichigo vs grimmjow fight woot.

i will try to keep everyone posted to how far iv gotten in my next post as soon as i get it up even if its on something else lol everyone will know when im cought up because ill probly rage with the rest of you 😀

Hyper baby(manga) March 1, 2010

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so im at work right now was bored trolling managa fox to find something to read when i found hyper baby now iv only read the first chapter in it but i got to say this is so god odd from what i gather of the storyline so far is that this woman got married then her husband died on her a month later she tried to kill herself but the only reason she dint was because she found out that she is with child most of the first chapter takes place in the hospital where the main character is seeing this boy who no one else can see now where i come from you’re seeing a ghost or your crazy in this case prob both but what ever now the 1st chapter ends with the girl who is the main charater walking into her sister’s room with the baby floating in the air with this boy she keeps seeing like astral projection off this baby

now why im reviewing this i dont know i guess i felt the need to post something since its been days since i have but this looks like a shity manga so im just going to stop reading it.

from what i read i give it a 3 for keeping my attention for the chapter and having me review it just for shits and giggles

Basilisk February 24, 2010

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so this anime is on my top 10 list and I feel like not many know of it so i felt the need to write a review on it. This anime is a mix of a what feels like different genres it has a love story and it has some heavy action based combat fighter along with many others.
To start let’s go right to the story line it’s about 2 ninja clans the Kouga and the Iga the two clans have been at war for generation. with in the first episode you have the 2 clans fighting each other in a battle to display their skills to the shogun and you know what im feeling nice to embed the video here for you

well after this fight the shogun seems like he want to shit his pants so he come up with a cleaver way to end the war between the two clans he has the leaders of the clans write on a 2 scrolls the names of the 10 most skilled ninjas they have. and you might be asking your self why would they do this sword well that’s simple the winner of this little challenge decides the fate of their clan the loser’s clan is killed off pretty much. but the real twist that shows up in Basilisk is the fact that the next in line for the Kouga Gennosuke

and the next in line for the Iga Oboro

are in love and that’s where the love story comes in each one needs to decide what they will do fight for their clan or maybe defect to the other side. sorry guys but that i will not spoil for you just watch it and enjoy


the length of this is 24 episodes which as u guys know is not bad i find it’s a good length for this one because it gives them the room to stick to the story and not get side take with so many filler episode

feeling on this anime

well i found this anime rather kick ass i dint mind the love story i think that made the ending to be better because of it the all around badassness of the show was great and the fact that they dint skip on the story nor the blood just makes it even better that why this is on my top 10. the grade im going to give this is a 10 if i went higher thats just not fair

just on a side note for anyone one that wanted to know they did make a live action to this anime its called Shinobi : Heart under blade id have to say its kinda shitty so don’t bother looking into it unless you really really want to i was mega disapointed with it

Detroit Metal City February 23, 2010

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so i was talking with a friend of mine a few weeks back some of you know him as oballer and he told me about Detroit Metal City and let me just say this is a must watch i would have to say this its a 10 and on the plus its only about 6 and a half episodes long they are 15 min long and 13 of them and let me tell you its funny im happy oballer told me about it. well before i start getting off track ill start with the story line

story line

this show follows Negishi they don’t really give his age but id have to guess he’s about 23 maybe his back story goes that he was a son of a country boy his family owns a farm i think it was but he goes to the city because to try to become a famous pop singer but for some reason he joins the band DMC a death metal band as the leader. most of the sings are about killing, rape and a lot of other things. during the show Negishi gets into many mishaps trying to live a life outside of being in DMC mostly when it comes in counter with the girl that he loves from his past. thought out the show DMC takes over negishi life more and more each day for example in one of the episodes negishi is in the park singing his pop songs and some kids who are fans on DMC are messing with him as a result he changes to his  DMC alter ego Krauser now in this park they at the Tokyo tower and krauser out of impulse starts humping Tokyo Tower as he’s humping the tower its lights come on and the fans start yelling something along the lines as “OH the tower is such a whore it likes it” the weather then changed and it started to rain and the fans then tell “OH man the tower came its such a whore”. now take this small part i told you about and and have this happen at lest 3 or 4 times an episode over about 6 and a half of them.

well this is normally where i do the length of the anime but iv said that a few times so ill just move on to how i feel about this anime and well i loved it i found it to be really funny just to see what kinda of stuff happened to Negishi now honestly id like to tell you more about it but i think that will kill some of the episode so i wont but i will say i give this a 10 and this did make it on to my top 10 list .

baccano February 22, 2010

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this is a first look review on Baccano one of my friends told me about it and how amazing it is now my friend being Asian ya I know a bit racists but anyway he has never failed me on turning me on to some good so I of course listened to him and watched the first episode. all I have to say oh my god with in the first five minutes of the show this kid named Firo I think is asked by a homeless man for a bit of money and he gives him a what looks to be like 5 dollars as he was giving the man the money the old man was saying thank you to Firo and he said something like don’t worry about it I have plenty. Firo starts to walk away and the homeless looking man then charges at him with a knife in hand so whats Firo do not even turning around he catches the knife with his bare hand and cuts his own fingers off now my first thought was holy shit bad ass but that’s not all the fingers disintegrate into blood and then regenerate onto his hand. so lets recap that quick so old man with knife charges at boy, boy then catches knife in hand not even turning around fingers are cut off and then regenerated. now this is only the first episode and im already pumped to keep watch this I have a feeling this its going to be awesome now the word awesome I use very rear something needs to be awesome to get the word attached to it like NPH (Neil Patrick Harris for people who don’t know the shortened way) now that I have digressed greatly moving on.


so far from what I have gathered te story takes place in the united states or some kind of parallel universe of it te first episode took place in 1735 if I remember right around a time when they had organized crime syndicate the type of organized crime they seem to use in this anime is what looks to be the mafia with two family’s looking to kill the same guy and each other im not entirely sure yet im sure the next episode will tell more on this part of the story.

now for the whole regeneration thing im not too sure what that’s about from episode one their look to be at lest two people with this god mode like power to be killed then come back to life thought if I had to guess it has to so with some kinda of alchemy I would infer this because the started of the show has what looks like transmutation circles which if you have seen full metal alchemist you know what im talking about


I think this is a fairly short series its only 16 episodes long which i feel is not too long and not to short for more most series but ill let you all know more on my feels on this later

Feeling on this anime

well as you all read im pretty pumped to keep watching at this point I don’t want to grade then but i have a feeling this will be a 9 if not a 10 i may even need to make room in my top 10 for this anime

AIR February 22, 2010

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ok so this is my first post on any blog and this is definitely my first anime review blog. for starters ill start with something many people have not seen instead of going with something that everyone has posted about like Bleach or Naruto. the title to the anime i am reviewing is call AIR the title that’s viewed on the DVD box i think was called AIR TV. and for the movie that went along with this they called that AIR: The Motion Picture to start us off with this review i will jump right into the characters of the show first you have Yukito one of the main characters i guess you can call  him a wondering swordsman with out the sword but instead he has… wait for it… A PUPPET! Yukito wonders into this small town and ends up meeting a girl named Misuzu

shes kind of odd but in the same way i think that makes her even cuter and make you fall in love with her.

this anime does have many sub main characters about five of them if i remember them all one of the best sub main characters that shows up in about every episode is potato and he or she is a dog but any time potato makes it on to the screen you will probably find your self laughing at what he does.

story line

the story to this is well somewhat odd you have Yukito the wondering puppet master (as i will call him) who’s soul purpose in life was to find the girl in the sky with wings that he has to save and the only way he even knows of her is because his most and her mother and many generation have been looking to save this girl.

now to move to misuzu as iv said she is odd but she is also very clumsy she walk maybe 15 steps in a few of the episodes and falls right on her face which is not realistic at times but she’s a really silly character which makes up for that at times but sometimes shes too silly maybe too silly like the writer went overboard. not much else to say about her honestly

both main characters take some time to get used to but if you stick with this show i think you will fall in love with it like i did. if i remember right because i watched this over winter break back in December but i think they had tossed in a few flash back to the girl in the skies past which was rather interesting


its was made for TV so its somewhat short its in all 13 episodes long it has 2 or 3 episodes that are kinda like a recap at the end following Misuzu’s life which you dont need to watch unless you wanted to and then they had made a movie to go with it which that too was not bad. this is an anime that can be picked up and finished in one day if you find your self likeing it

Feelings on this anime

my feelings on this anime is that its something i think people should give a try anf if you find your self still wating it then i did my job by telling you about it. now when it came to an ending i personal was a bit disapointed with it i dint think it took the direction it was going to take with Misuzu and how she was designed and how the story had progressed but some time it just happens because the writer went the way they had wanted too. now if you ask me to grade this on a scale of 1-10 i would have to say this would make a 7 this is because some of the characters as i said take more then just one episode to fall in love with i think but if you make it past the first two i think you will be surprised on how this will end

Hello world! February 21, 2010

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