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well this is the about me part so i guess this is where i would talk about myself to some degree it seems. im 22 yours old i like beer or really anything that can get me drunk but i dont tend to get drunk i just like to drink. i watch anime which is why i have a blog about anime….. and i read manga yet again…. but i digress i play video games most RPGs used to play MMORPGs but then i just kinda stopped i put about a your or 2 into WoW but dint get anything much over 60 when cap was 70 i think. Final Fantasy XI (11) was my weak point i played that game for 5 yrs with in the time i played i managed to get many jobs to the level cap of 75 when it was that what i got to cap was Black mage, Dragoon, Bard. i had about 3 or for jobs or classes i got kinda high up on Red Mage 65ish Warrior 65ish aswell and a few others cant really remember

right time to move on …. i have a few tattoos and i want more i can post pics of them at a later date when i feel like it but i do want more money is just my problem they are expensive.

ummmm dont really know what else to write about dum de dum dum….

hmmm ya well i guess my writing style is kinda weird i write like i talk sometimes so um ya. moveing on now

i plan to turn my blog into other stuff not just anime i just need to learn how to use all the tools that wordpress has so it make it look nice….

ummm ya lastly one more thing about my self is that i work for staples im the full time tech over at the newington store in CT store number 0038 not that anyone cares


ummmm kthxbia

thanks for reading 😀

ps i may edit this at somepoint who knows



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