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Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) February 28, 2012

Posted by rebirthofsword in Anime.
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ok so iv posted some other stuff on this blog but i decided to do something different and maybe make a new blog for what i wanted to do but thats on the back burned but i digress on what i came here to do. for now but i figured that today at 230 am i would talk about an anime iv watched many times and enjoyed just last night i started watching it again and by the title you know what it is call. Samurai X this is both the prequel and the ending the the series of Rurouni Kenshin

this anime is rather long if you go from Samurai X to Rurouni Kenshin back to Samurai X. it may sound confusing with how i just worded it but its not you start with Samurai X (DVD) with Trust and betrayal this is the prequel this is about 4 episodes long i think they are 30 min each i cant remember. Now if you have not seen it i dont want to let the whole story out but heres how it kinda goes on Trust you find out how kenshin meets his master as a small boy and till hes about a teen than you find out how he earned the name “Battousai the Manslayer” you also find out other information on what kind of role he played in other parts of the story that you learn in Rurouni Kenshin then we move over to Betrayal this dvd tells more of the end of the war before he becomes the wounding swords man we all know and love you also find out about the woman that Kenshin loved before he meets Kaoru. after Betrayal you would than move right in to Rurouni Kenshin now there is a movie for Samurai X but i honestly don’t know where that is suppose to take place im sure i can look it up but i dont really want to you can really watch it anytime during the movie no real major characters show up if i remember right after you watch Rurouni Kenshin you would have one last one to watch its called Reflection this is the close to the whole show that you really dont get the ending is not what i wanted to happen to be honest but it is still a good close out to the story and to me it does make sense yet again i dont really want to spoil what happens it just does not seem fair to spoil such a good story that you should see yourself.

Length and Feelings on this anime

if you watch everything its 101 episodes and a movie thats somewhat long but with some of the animes now such as bleach and naruto both of them last i looked are 300+ so this is something most people could do in a few weeks if they had the time. i enjoyed this anime a lot i am saddened to say that i have not taken my time to watch truth to reflection with watching Rurouni Kenshin and than finishing with Reflection that is on my todo list once i am able to