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Shaman king November 12, 2011

Posted by rebirthofsword in Anime, Manga.

So this has been something i have been reading lately its been able to hold my mind on the thoughts on what s going to happen next. now i do plan on watching this one too not just reading it. so far i am really enjoying the manga so i hope when i get to watching it the anime will be just as good 😀

story line

now for anyone that knows nothing about Shaman King the back of the book says something like the time has come for the next Shaman king to be crowned in the shaman fights…. blah blah blah the back to me makes it sound boring to be but what ever the book follows Yoh Asakura

this kid in the pic here pretty much what he wants to do is be Shaman King to live the easy life and do what he wants to only and to do that he needs to gather spirits to fight with him and than kick the but of other shamans in like this shaman games tournament kinda like the dark tournament from Yu Yu Hakusho. during his journey he runs into all kinds of people some become his friend others become his enemy.

Length/Feelings on this manga/anime

the length on this is not bad at all the manga is only 32 Vol. and is 285ish chapters the anime is only about 65 episodes long which i think really is not bad iv done worst and i know others have too. i have a feeling that this is one that i will be able to finished with out any problems becaues the story is so good and i have been able to keep reading as much as i can and im making a good dent other people with more time im sure can power house right the the end of this with out any problems but for others that have lots to do this is a night lite read pick up when you can or id guess watch a episodes or two and than be done with it for the day.




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