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.hack//Legend of the Twilight May 2, 2010

Posted by rebirthofsword in Anime.

.hack// legend of the twilight is the second installment in this anime series this installment takes a different approach compared to the last anime .hack//sign. this installment seems to follow the games more than to be a second chapter or session to the series thus far. the overall look and theme this anime the artist used look more like chibi which was not a bad.

story line

well this anime starts off in episode one with Shugo and Rena wining a contest and the grand prize is player skins that look like kite and blackrose the legendary dot hackers from the popular game series now when Shugo and Rena join the game they start on an adventure meeting people , doing in game events, and leveling up like one does in a MMORPG  on their adventure some kids think it would be fun to mess around with Shugo and Rena and pull them into a conflict of The World

Length/Feelings on this anime

this anime is 12 episodes long which is fair for more not too long nor is it too short but i find that sometimes the story snags in places and makes this anime feel alot longer then it should be if you are in to the Chibi type anime’s then this is for you but i did not enjoy it like i enjoyed .Hack//Sign i would give this anime a 6 out of 10 thought i was able to watch it thought i just did not enjoy it as much as i hoped i would



1. oballer - May 4, 2010

yea i thought this anime was alright… def NOT as good as .hack//SIGN… although i dont think anyone would argue that.

its too bad, cuz SIGN was so good i thought that this would be amazing.

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