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manga March 4, 2010

Posted by rebirthofsword in Uncategorized.

so i thought that id post on here letting everyone know i probably will not be posting for a bit. im working for a bit right now im on a bleach manga reading escapade iv pushed my way forward reading starting at vol 17 the last one i read and just made it past 21 so ended at like chapter 185ish here at school but only bringing the 3 with me 19-21 im out of books and will probably push forward on 22 tonight too now just to let you know this is the part where its the start of the visored/arrancar so this is where it get good and i am pumped to read the ichigo vs grimmjow fight woot.

i will try to keep everyone posted to how far iv gotten in my next post as soon as i get it up even if its on something else lol everyone will know when im cought up because ill probly rage with the rest of you 😀



1. oballer - April 7, 2010

you need to make a post about your trip to AB.

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